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What We Do

Initiatives & Campaigns

We are currently fundraising so we can organize Veteran events in our proposed locations, decreasing Veteran isolation. Below are our events planned for the 2024 calendar year. Check out our Event page for more info.

  1. 3 Golf tournaments in our future locations (Kansas City, Dallas, and Denver). This will raise money to organize our events, while raising awareness and obtaining support within these communities.
  2. Partnering with Businesses. Creating job placement opportunities will help our Veterans easily enter the workforce after graduation. Partnering with Veteran friendly organizations will help place these Veterans in jobs where they can succeed in life after service.
  3. Creating relationships with Universities and trade schools in our future locations. Identifying what they currently offer and what their needs are will be paramount to formulating our offerings specific to each location.

Community support is vital to our success. If you know of any businesses who would like to partner with us, please email

This page will be continually updated with campaign progress and visuals of what our complex will look like upon completion. We appreciate you joining us on this journey and welcome your input.