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Who We Are

About Us

Who We Are:

Camo To College™ is a nonprofit organization with a proactive approach to reducing post service issues such as Veteran Suicide and Veteran Homelessness. Veterans do not transition back into civilian life. They transition into Veteran life after service. This idea is extremely important to our mission because the world Veterans knew prior to entering service will never look the same. Providing a transition program to help Veterans navigate life after service is imperative to helping our heroes succeed. Check out the Programs & Services section to see what we will provide to our Veterans.

Why We Exist:

Leaving the military without a plan is not only a deterrent to future success, its also incredibly dangerous. We have to think outside of the box in order to come up with new approaches to solving these issues. Our proactive approach will give our Veterans the support and training they need to thrive in Veteran life after service and positively impact Veteran health in the process.

How We Differ:

Many of the programs fighting these issues are doing so reactively. When we realized that these issues were as monumental as they are, we traced the problem back to the transition. A Veteran's support system in the military is located in one place, on base. However, when Veterans exit the military, most of them will return to where they call home, isolating them geographically from their other brothers and sisters. We need to create new community of Veterans that can provide support for each other after leaving the military. Studies show that Veterans who utilize their well earned benefits are not only more successful, they are also at a much lower risk of suffering from life threatening post service issues. We will work within universities/trade schools to create this network of Veterans and provide support and resources while they navigate this transition.