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Who We Are


  1. Is Camo To College™ a 501c3 nonprofit?

    Camo To College™ is a registered nonprofit organization in the state of Texas, and because we are a registered 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is completely tax deductible.

  2. How will the donations be used?

    Camo To College™ board members have full discretion of the use of donations for this nonprofit. We will only operate within federal and state laws pertaining to 501c3 organizations. We will work to keep officer’s salaries low so the maximum amount of money can go to assisting our Veterans.

  3. Where will Camo To College Operate?

    Our first offering will be in the Kansas City area, with plans to operate in Dallas and Denver shortly after.

  4. Is this just for discharging Veterans?

    While our primary focus is transitioning discharging Veterans, this offering is for any Veteran looking to enhance their skills by attending college or trade school in our operating locations.

  5. When will the first location begin operating?

    We plan to begin offering our services in August 2023 in the Kansas City Area. We hope to expand to Dallas and Denver by 2024.

  6. What will you provide to our Veterans?

    Assuming that the area has no support provided by their educational institutions, we will provide help with college applications, the VA health benefit process, ongoing mentorship, events/programs to limit isolation and create new networks of Veterans, and provide help entering the workforce.