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A brother we served with, Joe Montes after using his GI Bill benefits to earn his degree. Congrats Joe!!

Programs and Services

What We Do

Programs & Services

Currently, our time is spent creating awareness, making connections, and planning so we can accomplish our mission for our Veterans.  This approach is sustainable, scalable, and will be easy to expand, allowing us to offer these services to as many Veterans as possible. Our plan is to begin offering our full services in August of 2023 in the Kansas City area, with partial services offered in 2022.

Finding purpose after the military is extremely difficult for exiting Veterans. Attending college or trade school provides that purpose, but less than 30% fully utilize these benefits. Our program will help promote this option to exiting Veterans, provide support with the applications, housing opportunities, VA health process, provide Veteran community support, offer events/programs to decrease isolation, and assist with job placement upon graduation. 

The government annually spends $1 million dollars per troop to train them to be combat ready, but only $500 to train them how to reenter society. Our organization will provide the support necessary to close this gap. Our goal is to give them the tools needed to seamlessly reenter society with the ability to face any challenge that presents itself. We firmly believe that this is THE missing step to decreasing post service Veteran issues.